16 May, 2018

Former Foster Parent, Jayne White, Joins Foster Friends Board of Directors

Jayne White is the newest addition to the Foster Friends board. Jayne brings with her years of corporate experience as well as a background serving some of Texas’s most vulnerable foster children though her service as a local foster parent.

Jayne holds a bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Oklahoma. She worked for the Department of Defense before earning her CPA in 1989.  She then transitioned into the private sector, where she served as the Chief Financial Officer for two drug manufacturers in Albuquerque, NM.  After receiving her DEA license, she founded RxPartners, which packages pharmaceuticals directly for doctors. She sold her business in 2009, and returned to Texas in retirement in 2010.

Jayne served as a foster parent for many years, licensed through Dallas County and later through Arrow. As a therapeutic home specializing in children requiring the highest level of care, Jayne cared for some of the neediest and most vulnerable children in the foster care system.  The children Jayne served had special needs, both medical and psychological, due to the abuse and neglect they had suffered. Few homes are equipped to care for such children. Jayne says, “I loved working with these children.  Their level of care brought us so close as a family and I felt blessed to be called ‘momma’ by them all. It was a very rewarding experience.”

Jayne is excited to bring her foster care expertise to the Foster Friends board. “Being on the Foster Friends board is such an honor. I am very happy to serve our foster children in this way.”

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