01 Feb, 2018

Foster Friends Elects New Board President

The Foster Friends board is excited to announce its new president, former foster parent Renee Carlson.

Renee comes from a legal background—practicing construction litigation at one of Philadelphia’s largest firms before moving to North Texas and practicing family and personal injury law.

In 2015, Renee and her husband began journey to become foster parents.  After six months of handling stacks of paperwork, multiple home inspections, classes, fingerprinting, doctor’s visits, and a home study, the Carlsons were proudly able to display their license to foster on their refrigerator. Just four short days later, their phones began ringing, and a first foster child was placed in their home within a week. After multiple placements, one of those phone calls led to the arrival of a child who ultimately became their daughter.

Being a foster mother allowed Renee a front-row seat to observe some of the challenges of foster care, and reflect upon some of the ways in which foster care could be improved for children and families.  Although Renee has taken a break from being a foster parent in order to create an atmosphere of stability and permanency for her children, Renee is driven by her personal experience to improve foster care and improve the lives of foster children. Renee is pleased to be able to bring her training, experience, and overall perspective as a foster parent to the Foster Friends board.

In addition to serving on the Foster Friends board for several years, Renee is a member of the Collin County Child Protective Services Board, appointed to serve by Collin County Commissioner Cheryl Williams. Renee is a graduate of Leadership Richardson, and has been involved with several other nonprofits, including the Richardson Adult Literacy Center, The Plano Food Pantry, EF Educational Foundation for Foreign Study, and Lost Paws Rescue of Texas. Renee is an adult student at Spanish House, and loves when the opportunity arises to assist foster and kinship families in their native tongue.  Renee lives in Collin County with her husband and two children.

Foster Friends president Renee Carlson celebrates her daughter’s adoption day at a North Texas courthouse.

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