pic-kid-with-tutorMost people view Collin County as being immune from the familial strife so common in other communities. But the fact is, on any given day, some 300 children in Collin County are currently involved in the foster care system.

The State of Texas actively recruits loving families to raise these kids into productive members of society, but the state only provides so much. Further, most foster homes in Collin County are not orphanages or businesses. Rather, they’re the homes of hard-working, loving families who open their doors and their hearts to take on a child in need.

While the state provides nominal support to cover things like food and some healthcare for children in foster care, it is not in their budget to help foster kids live comparable lives to their peers.

We all remember the joys of our youth. They include fond memories of playing baseball with our friends, going to summer camp, playing an instrument in band, or taking swimming lessons. But all of these activities come with a cost. Our mission is to help supplement those costs so that foster kids are able to experience the typical joys that other kids in Collin County take for granted.


pic-baseball-turkeyOur volunteer Board of Directors reviews applications made by CPS on behalf of caregivers who need a helping hand to provide a little something extra for their foster children. We work diligently to make sure that your donations do the most good and go to folks who reallyneed the help. We take this responsibility very seriously and believe it is our duty to be good stewards of our donors’ financial resources.


Imagine a child being taken away from her family, placed in a stranger’s home, and disconnected from the world she knew. That’s an awful lot for a child to take on.

Consider how something as simple as ballet shoes or a yearbook can put a smile on her face and help her focus on being a kid again. They say money can’t buy happiness. We beg to differ.


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