The Children of Collin County Foster Care – Where do they Live?

This month, we’re reviewing September 2017 CPS data for Collin County. One figure that Foster Friends pays close attention to is the percentage of children in substitute care from Collin County who are sent to live outside of Collin County. As you can see in the pie chart, we...

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25 Oct, 2017

The Children of Collin County Foster Care – How Old Are They?

In September 2017, 301 Collin County children lived in foster care. Their names and stories are confidential, but the numbers help paint a picture of who these children are and what they need. Babies and Preschoolers More than half of Collin County foster children are kindergartners or younger. In...

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06 Dec, 2016

National Adoption Day was the Happiest Day at the Collin County District Courthouse This Year

November 19 was National Adoption Day—a day when families across the nation finalize adoptions of children in foster care en masse. Locally, fourteen children were adopted during this year’s Collin County National Adoption Day celebration. I’ve sometimes wondered why a parent who has waited so long and overcome so...

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19 Oct, 2016

I Want to Foster, but I Can’t Right Now: Four Ways to Help Abused Children in Collin County When You Can’t Become a Foster Parent (Yet)

waiting to foster

When my husband and I tell people that we are foster parents, we are always delighted by how many people respond that they’ve considered fostering too! Usually, the families that tell us this are waiting for the right time to start– they’re waiting for all their youngest to ditch...

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Record Numbers Attend Foster Friends’ 2016 Storybook Family Day

One hundred sixty-two foster children and substitute caregivers turned out for Foster Friends’ 2016 Storybook Family Day event in September.  Foster Friends hosts the event annually at Storybook Ranch in McKinney.  Feedback from foster parents has indicated that Storybook Family Day is a favorite among Collin County kids in...

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08 Oct, 2016

Have you Ever Thought about Fostering?

have you ever thought about fostering?

It’s a Monday night at 8 pm, and that heart wrenching email subject line pops up in my inbox again: “Do you have openings?”   Two babies risk spending the night in a Plano office building unless CPS can miraculously find two open beds in a foster home.  Emails circulate...

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Collin County Child Abuse by the Numbers

We here at Foster Friends know all too well that Collin County, despite being an affluent and wonderful place to live, indeed has a problem with child abuse. However, this is something that most folks are simply unaware of. Case in point, at our latest fundraiser, I approached an...

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