05 Feb, 2021

Foster Friends Renews Birthday Program to Provide Joy in a Difficult Year

Children have made many sacrifices during the past year.  As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, everything from playdates to summer camp has been on the chopping block.   Not even school, the cornerstone of nearly every American childhood, was entirely spared. In spring of 2020, when schools suddenly shuttered...

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01 May, 2020

Foster Friends Wins Grant to Provide Masks to Children in Care Amid Pandemic Spread

Foster Friends is pleased to announce that the organization has been awarded a grant from FNBO to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to the local foster care community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The grant will be used to purchase masks, hand sanitizer, and any equipment necessary to...

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Life After Foster Care: Forty Collin County Children Need Adoptive Parents, Others Reunite with Families or Age out of Care

While we often talk about the numbers of children who are entering foster care, we haven’t addressed the children who are exiting foster care. Foster care is meant to be a short-term arrangement, necessary while the parties involved work towards the child’s permanency goal. Permanency goals vary according to...

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18 May, 2018

Foster Friends Receives Grant from EXPOW 100 Women of Allen For Direct Assistance to Local Children in Foster Care

Foster Friends is excited to announce it has been selected as the very first grant recipient of The Exponential Power of Women 100 Women of Allen group. The $10,700 grant will support Foster Friends’s ability to provide direct assistance to the foster children of Collin County. Foster Friends’s flagship...

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16 May, 2018

Former Foster Parent, Jayne White, Joins Foster Friends Board of Directors

Jayne White is the newest addition to the Foster Friends board. Jayne brings with her years of corporate experience as well as a background serving some of Texas’s most vulnerable foster children though her service as a local foster parent. Jayne holds a bachelor’s in Accounting from the University...

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09 May, 2018

Foster Friends Welcomes New Board Member: First National Bank Southwest Retail Director, Ginger Herrick

Foster Friends is proud to announce the addition of Ginger Herrick to the Foster Friends board. In addition to her role on the Foster Friends board, Ginger simultaneously serves as an appointed member of the Collin County CPS Board. Ginger, a Retail Director of First National Bank Southwest, is...

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Plano Zip Code 75074 has One of the Highest Rates of Children Entering Foster Care in Collin County

Most of our work at Foster Friends focuses on providing for the needs of Collin County kids in foster care, but we also like to follow foster care data and look for trends in our cities, county, and region. Plenty of CPS data is available on the DFPS website,...

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The Children of Collin County Foster Care – Where do they Live?

This month, we’re reviewing September 2017 CPS data for Collin County. One figure that Foster Friends pays close attention to is the percentage of children in substitute care from Collin County who are sent to live outside of Collin County. As you can see in the pie chart, we...

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The Children of Collin County Foster Care – How Old Are They?

In September 2017, 301 Collin County children lived in foster care. Their names and stories are confidential, but the numbers help paint a picture of who these children are and what they need. Babies and Preschoolers More than half of Collin County foster children are kindergartners or younger. In...

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06 Dec, 2016

National Adoption Day was the Happiest Day at the Collin County District Courthouse This Year

November 19 was National Adoption Day—a day when families across the nation finalize adoptions of children in foster care en masse. Locally, fourteen children were adopted during this year’s Collin County National Adoption Day celebration. I’ve sometimes wondered why a parent who has waited so long and overcome so...

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